Lofoten Islands, the island where the action, raw and idyllic nature meet.

To put it this way, you HAVE to visit Lofoten before you die. Here you ll get the best experiences no matter what you are going to do!

On our trip, we climbed, hiked, went biking, paddling, fishing, relaxed on the beach, stayed in a rorbu and of course did some sightseeing. All that  in 5 days!

Driving back with the ferry to Bodø, I have the same feeling in my stomach  that I always get when I leave Lofoten. There is so much more I would like to do there.

As we leave the island the weather turned bad and we are glad we had 5 days of sunshine, with glimpses of clouds.

The goal was to climb again, since I haven’t done any multipitch climbing for a long time, but as it turned out I did not loose the joy in it!

Yes I must say I was super excited. Multipitch climbing is  like a puzzle, solving problems , some (or a lot of)adrenaline, action, body control, nature, and of course friendship. You have to tolerate each other. I had experienced some “downs”, but there were as well of “highs”!

The story began when I visited Cecilia in Fauske, who I met at the Voss Extreme Sports. She wanted to experience Northern Norway and got a summer job at Fauske. She discovered that this was not Northern Norway as she expected it to be , so when i asked her to joinour trip, she did not need long to think of an answer.

The only thing was just that she had to hitchhike for a job at 23 for the number of us who were in ferry line at 02 She did it by 20 minutes. This story and how she got home is a separate story, but such are the adventures of. Its so much fun with people who just go for it. Thanks for coming along Cecilia!

Geir Egil, who is an old tour-friend came by plane from Stavanger.

We had  some  time to sleep on the ferry, than sleept at little in Å and had a dinner break after the car journey to Henningsvær. We was very tired..

We rented a cheap hut and went for a great climb in the midnightsun.

with both south and northbound Coastal Express which met just outside. Here they greet each other with long horn, actually a wonderful experience.

At the same evening we tried to get kayaks for the next day, which did not work out. But then we discovered some kayaks around the Kalle Hut. We phoned the hut, but were told that the kayaks were for the guests. The next day we saw the boats untouched. We asked again, but apparently they were not allowed to rent the kajaks out beacause of the responsibility. But lucky as we were they decided to give them to us for free, so they would not be responsible.

I look up to those people who don’t make up problems and if there is one they find an easy solution. Such people make the world a little better for others. Thank you Per!

We got a good day on the sea, and of course in super sunny wether along the Lofoten Islands! For dinner, it was whale meat, a recent one of course.

At night, we went for a new climb, and Cecilia passed her first lecture in multipitch climbing. She did a good job!

Thursday, she went home and we boys met up  with Mona, Helen and Elizabeth. We spent  the on beach, fishing and visiting old friends in Lofoten.

I was very tired that evening and  went to sleep early after Mona and co cooked a great dinner or midnight snack .During the day we already had mackerel which we caught earlier in the sun.

The next day we had a fantastic boulder. This gave all of us a feeling of being a kid again: playing on the rocks, scraped legs, tierd fingers.

We left the girls with the  promise to meet up again in Hemsedal during fall and in France for bouldering the next summer.

While I took a restday  Geir Egil was on tour with Stig Nerland da, while I rested me up. It probably was a magical experience, with the Lofoten mountains around, and super float singeltrack and a downhil part towards the end.the next day we went for a hike to leknes when we felt the first drops of rain, and we realized that replacing 7 ropes rout climbing with the bike was a good choice.

Also, to turn my nose home

.Now I am exhausted after many weeks of action and traveling. Looking forward to meet  David Rolf in Bodø in a few hours ,catch up on sleep  and visiting the family in trøndelag. Than its only a few days  until my couch welcomes me in hemsedal to watch some Tour de france.

Next Thursday the Vinjerock in Jotunheimen starts and I am happy I can help to lay at Vinjerock with the adventure racing, which is Saturday.

For now I am going home to rest up! Thank you for everything!

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